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Sep 23, 1996 (Virgo)
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HelloI I'm Miharu! I am a spirited,idealistic, young american! I am very lively and cheerful, but if you set me off, get ready for a large debate. I have to admit that I am stubborn, and even if you have a good point, in an argument It only gets to a draw. I never lose. This may seem Un-patriotic, but once i'm done with school, im leaving the country to settle somewhere else.I'm not sure exactly where yet, I'm focused on Either UK, Canada(British Columbia Area), or Japan. just so you know... I CAN BE COMPLETELY CRAZY AT TIMES!!! So whoever this is, well I hope that we can be great friends!
I do ballet and tap.
I love to do ballet and tap. I draw Alot(but my scanner I use is out of limits...). I like to sing. I also like anime and manga. My all time favorite obsession is Hetalia, i was obsessed with history and countries before, but this makes it awesomer.
Favorite Music:
Anything that doesnt suck. or screams too much.
Favorite Quotes:
Oh. well these are all mine! "If maple syrup is blood from a maple syrup, doesnt that make you a tree vampire?" *staring under a teacher's desk* "What are you doing?" "I'm making sure she isn't hiding under there" "My favorite weapon is a comically large fish. It's very effective." "you need to learn how to shoot people. WITH A SMILE!!" "Do you ever thing that a mongoose secretly wants to be a merman?"

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